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Buildingdoctor.EU Services is an international measurement and validation service for Non Destructive Testing and Building Physics, with locations in the Netherlands to serve the European market and the UAE to serve the market in the Middle East.

Building Physics

Air tightness – Building volumes from 10 m3 up to more than 5.500.000 m3
Building Thermography – Insulation, draft and mold investigations.
Building surveyor – Constructions and Energy assesments.
Thatched roof inspections  – Special survey for sustainability and moisture conditions.
Installation survey – Leakages, (air) flow and behaviour simulations.

Building Physics Applications

High Energy costs? Draught complaints? Mold problems?

We give you the right answer to solve. As specialized and ISO / BINDT certified building thermographer we make heat visible for you.

Thermography is frequently applied at cavity wall and heat insulation monitoring or detection of humidity leakage or internal condensation. Damaged or missing heat insulations are causing heatleaks in constructions or piping which can result in an unnecessary expense.

Airtightness testing available for buildings without limit in size

Proper insulation provides an efficient use of energy, taken that the remainder of the construction is also constructed properly. But any airleakages will surpass the insulation and will result in drafts, mold and moisture issues, extra build up of dust, and above all they lead to a tremendous energy loss.

Individuals, companies, and governments are using airtightness testing to improve the quality of their buildings and to save costs.
This has resulted in more comfortable buildings and lowered costs.

Airtightness tests can be performed according to many different standards such as EN13829, ASTM E779, ATTMA, USACE, etc.
Furthermore, the tests are taken over in local regulations such as the Dubai Green Building Code, Estidama, EHS/Trakhees, QSAS, and most of the western governments.

For a more extensive list of local requirements, look at retrotec.com


Thatched roofs
A beautiful thatched roof is literally a precious possession. A correct roof construction carried out with a good thatched roof is for many years enjoyment of living. A thatched roof must maintain at least 25-45 years unless well maintained. Imperfections which are identified and remedied in time can prevent a substantial damage. A bad design, application of incorrect under-construction, wrong application of building insulation or heat insulation method, residents behaviour and maintenance, all together determine the final life span.

Flat roofs and green roofs
Flat roofs and green roofs (sod roofs/turf roofs) can have issues such as internal condensation, leakages, and missing insulation. With the use of thermography and the blowerdoor equipment the issues can identified to solve the problems and to prevent further increasing maintenance and energy costs.

Safety tests

Designing safe enclosures is very important, but verifying the actual safety may be as important.
For instance, test gas suppressed enclosures on their integrity to ensure that it is built as per the requirements.
After all, there are no shortcuts in safety!

Safety applications

On and offshore temporary refuge shelters are designed to protect people from risks outside this enclosure.
To keep these risks outside of the enclosure, an airtightness test is often performed to make sure the shelter complies with the guidelines.

Enclosure integrity testing

Gas suppression systems are designed to project your valuables, but does the system work as intended?
The suppressant should stay within the enclosure for a certain time as per the relevant standard (such as NFPA2001 or ISO14520) and this should be proven by an enclosure integrity test.
The same test also helps to predict the peak pressure in a room (which can lead to serious damage if not handled correctly).

Overpressure validation

Rooms and buildings are often designed to operate under a certain pressure, although this designed pressure is not always obtained.
Measuring the created pressure and identifying any causes for differences in the obtained pressure will prevent problems later on.


Apart from the above mentioned applications there is a growing list of applications in which Buildingdoctor is excelling such as reflectography and R&D researches.

Miscellaneous Applications

Thermography and Ultrasound inspections on Oil-rigs Electrical and Mechanical applications.

In the off-shore business a five yearly thermal / electrical or mechanical survey can be required due to the heavy ISO-requirements.
Or a special fire Enclosure Integrity test might be needed for the Control room or for gaseous spaces.

We are pleased to help you all over the world with our experience and equipment. We’ve obtained the necessary papers as the Nogepa standard required at the North sea Oil-rigs. We can help you with the best thermal imaging’s, ultrasound surveys or even with endoscopic in machinery.

The possibilities for R&D support are rather endless, such as thermal surveys life stock for medical or performance improvements, research of pressures or leakages in a wide variaty of objects, medical researches, materials researches, etc.
Contact us for the endless possibilities.

Test images with new IRr camera
A special IR camera covering a wavelength of 0.9-1.7μm is used for reflectography, which can for instance be used to show hidden images beneath the upper, visible paint layer. This technique can for instance be used to help in the authentication process of paintings, or for different research purposes.
Contact us for the endless possibilities.

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